Saturday, November 26, 2011

Seeing Shiny Objects...

What does Seeing Shiny Objects mean?  I got this phrase from my sister.  We were talking one day about something and she said "well I was going to do (whatever it was), but I saw a shiny object and forgot about it."  We are both guilty of this quirk because we want to do everything in life!  We get involved in say Project A and are having a great time but then out of the corner of our eye, we see something related to Project B.  BAM!  Project A is forgotten about.  We've "seen a Shiny Object."

The intention of this blog is entirely personal but I figured putting it out on The Internets would help keep me accountable.  By blogging every day, assuming a Shiny Object doesn't get in my way, I will be able to stay at least a little more focused than I have been.  I'm going to make a list in the next paragraph of all the things I am currently working'll see what I mean.  In future posts, I plan to add reviews of various workouts and personal development programs.

My big Shiny Object right now is fitness and personal development.  (Okay two big Shiny Objects.)  I've gained a good chunk of weight over the past several years, pretty much since the day I turned 30, and I'm on a quest to rid myself of the excess.  To do so, I've purchased every exercise DVD known to man, rearranged the house so I can have a workout room and then purchased a ton of equipment for said room, entered contests, purchased books, joined a gym, joined Weight Watchers, yada yada yada.  End result:  I have every tool necessary to get where I need to go.  And I'm happy to say that I've lost 25 of the 60 pounds I want to lose.  However each purchase represented a new Shiny Object that was SURE to get me to my goal FASTER than everything I already had, when in reality, I've lost 25 pounds just by being consistent with exercise and fairly consistent with food.  So I've put myself on fitness spending freeze.  Not sure how long it will last because Go Fit is coming out with Ropes this fall...we'll see.

Personal development/improvement represents the other Shiny Object in my life.  As a little background, I'm one class and 7 weeks away from finishing my MBA.  As I approached completion, I realized that I didn't really feel, well, complete with the accomplishment.  So I started to look for new things to fill the 15+ hours a week I would have free once classes were over.  I started looking at different jobs, different careers, starting my own business, becoming a personal get the drift.  Then one day when I was reading my absolute favorite fitness message boards Video Fitness and someone posted about Chalene Johnson's Push Jump Start program.  Of course I was IN!!  And then while I was waiting for the program to start, I joined her 30 Day Challenge and then bought her Car Smart audio series.  (Yep, when I'm in, I'm in ALL the way!!)  I have to say she is pretty amazing.  I like her workout programs - Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire and Chalean Xtreme.  However I would have never imagined the level of talent she has as a motivational coach.  (More on this in the future.)  So I'm now using her program to GET FOCUSED and figure out what I want to do with my life.

WHEW!  I do believe I got a little long winded with this intro!!  More to come soon - hopefully tomorrow if I can stay focused.  :)